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My Run Istanbul (Lets Run Together)

Kasım 4, 2013

There are some people who like to continue their fitness regime while travelling or moving about the world for work. If you are one of these people or just someone who would like to experience some amazing parts of this city on foot (only running ),  <strong><em>212 Istanbul Suites offer you</em></strong> personalised routes to suit your needs,fitness level and time frame ; You will have running partner to meet you and return you to your accommodation as well as guide you on your run.

Guests interested in taking advantage of our unique personalised running service should let us know prior to arrival of their details. All of this is offered free of charge to all  <strong><em>212 Istanbul Suites</em></strong>.

<strong>Ps :</strong> Our guide is not a professional runner or fitness trainer,rather a passionate Istanbulian who has loved running parts of this city for years….